I'm Dana Williams, your Elite Luxury Companion with many years of experience in this intoxicating world of providing personal consultation services and entertaining discerning clientel. My desire is to make you feel that spending time with me is an indulgence, to provide you with a sense of comfort as you take a break from the stresses of a mundane daily routine. Whether it's a 1 hour greeting, lunch or dinner date, an all nighter, or lavish trip, I am your exclusive muse while we are together but maintain personal boundries while we are not. Your confidante, consultant, or simply just a smiling face when you need one...


Full of wit, energy, and confidence, I'm also a well rounded college student pursuing my next career adventure, an avid fitness enthusiast, in addition to writing a book. When I'm not working on my studies, writings, or spending time with you, I devote my free days to traveling to new places or enjoying outdoor sports such as biking, paddleboarding, or kayaking.


I maintain a petite fit frame at 5'4", 115 lbs, 30 years old, natural honey blonde hair, dazzling green eyes, a couple tattoos, all complimented with a sweet southern tan. I do provide complimentary incalls in the Raleigh area for bookings of 90 minutes or longer, and will travel up to an hour outside of Raleigh to visit you. Because of my desire to remain low volume, I am selective as to who I will see, as I'm sure you are as well. You are encouraged to go over my website in it's entirety prior to inquiring. For mutual comfort and safety, all potential clients must adhere to my screening process which takes 24-48 hours to complete. 


Now that you know so much about me, please introduce yourself by completing the form on my contact page to begin the screening process... I can't wait to meet you xoxo